9 Gorgeous Models Of Sliding Doors For All Rooms

9 Gorgeous Models Of Sliding Doors For All Rooms

The door, as an opening through which you can access within a space, is increasingly perceived as an independent element, but not detached from the context, however, with its own design and style soul. The doors have traditionally calls hinges in this way to allow the rotation of the blade about the axis, so that the structure ensures the movement to the leaf and its bending.

Today are increasingly in vogue, accomplices tight spaces, doors that do not invade the circulation area of ??the rooms and then slide on themselves making much more viable neighboring area.

See you then 9 interesting and versatile variants suitable for all rooms of the house.

For the bedroom and wardrobe

In this we see a sliding door that separates the master bedroom from the cabin adjoining closet. This constructive solution obviously requires lateral space, but certainly occupies less place of actual doors. The result is a perception of a unique area including if necessary and for the comfort of both the sleeping area of ??the wardrobe.

Doors designed with different materials depending on the environment

In designing a sliding door to divide the space, it can be assumed that they are of any material to enter the best harmony with the surrounding environment. Glass or aluminum are the most resistant to humidity variations, remaining unchanged. The wood carved or decorated solid is warmer, but unlike the above, can be affected by the changes of humidity in the atmosphere, swelling or contracting in summer and winter. Despite this, we continue to make extensive use of wood, which offers atmosphere and welcoming feeling.

Internal or external almost as a single space

The main feature of the sliding doors is that their linear position and often flush structure in the most modern homes, acts as a perfect element for a penetration of the external landscape in the interior. If, as in, have a glass material, the division between inside and outside it will be almost imperceptible.

When the glass is then occupies the entire facade as in this case, it is always desirable to provide for dimming systems, curtains or other stratagems that minimize the temperature rise caused by solar radiation and increase the sense of privacy.

Doors with iconic and decorative designs

For even more character and customization of environments That’s the special window stickers applied on the sliding doors come into play to make a distinctive and unique decorative effect. To divide the kitchen and dining room, but also the bedroom from bathroom, these solutions will prove useful and modern.

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