Apartment-Fashioned Becomes Super Chic!

Apartment-Fashioned Becomes Super Chic!

Fads come and go, you know, but above all the taste and needs change over time! The house is the strongest expression of the personality of those who live there, so it is important that over the years not abide by the new requirements. The apartment we are going to visit had become obsolete, the wallpaper was the dominant feature of the living area, which had a heavy look and definitely exceeded. Thanks to the Isshiki study architectural team, this space so out of fashion has become a sophisticated and modern atmosphere of Scandinavian-inspired!

Before alignments

Let’s take a look at the house as it was before the works a questionable wallpaper held the living area, accentuating the ceiling volumetric games. The carpet made everything off, not to mention the squalor of the chandeliers, the look so overcome!

After a profusion of wood

Wallpaper and carpet, fortunately, are gone, and now you can breathe a different air! The environment is very bright, the space is no longer fragmented and visually there are no disruptions, as happened before with the doors, side by side, and with the false ceiling, which now, with the white painting, has an impact completely different. The main wall and the floor, light wood, make the room warm and take us directly to make a turn in the Nordic countries.

Less is more

The furnishings of the living area are few, but very well selected. On the other hand, there is no need to impress with special effects, to create a refined approach just know the right elements to enhance its specificity. The sofa is essential, therefore, could not be more appropriate, considering the table and the furniture that we see side by side on the wall to the hall everywhere reigns a clean and simple design.

An undulating garden

A small garden seat on the wall. The wall penalty is lightened on the performance of the corrugated shape of the garden, which stretches out in the meadow, separated by a small fence buried wood. The basis is formed by a carpet of stones, from which emerge saplings of heights and different colors.

A shady corner outside the house, perfect to create an intimate and private garden, which requires the presence of plants that need little sun. The basic configuration consists of a stone carpet, on which the plants extend along sinuous and geometric lines. An elegant bougainvillea closes the composition with its beautiful two-tone flowers.

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