Style of Kebaya Long Dress For Beautiful Moslem Women

    By / August 15, 2017

    In Indonesia there are many diverse garment that really interesting to learn. There are a lot traditional invests and modern invests that milling about in Indonesia. For traditional garment compressed with modern motif so as not to be out of time and continue to be enjoyed. One of the traditional garment that continues to be… Read more

    Valentino Handbags 2015 Spring Summer Collection

    By / June 19, 2017

    Valentino Handbags 2015 Spring Summer Collection Valentino handbags 2015 spring summer collection opens with elegance and refinement. The new line is inspired by the fabulous bags 70s and is characterized by clean design and animated by floral prints. The handbag primarily affect the colors in shades of yellow, green and pink.   The collection Valentino… Read more

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