Causes of Blood Sugar Up

Blood sugar disease or commonly known as diabetes mellitus is a term that refers to the level of glucose in the blood. If blood sugar in the body is not normal then it will lead to various symptoms associated with decreased health of the body.

For people who suffer from blood sugar disease will usually cause low blood sugar symptoms such as:
– The body feels weak.
– Frequent urination.
– Injuries are difficult and heal longer.
– Easy hunger and easy thirst.
– Easy infection of the skin (itching), urinary tract or gum.
– Weight loss.
– Easy to drowsy.
– Blurred vision.
– Pain in the hands and feet.

In normal people have normal blood sugar levels ranging from 60-120 mg / dl. Usually sugar levels in diabetics during fasting is more than 126 mg / dl and when not fasting or normal that is more than 200 mg / dl. Here are some ways to lower blood sugar include:
1. Buy a blood sugar check tool
The purpose of buying this blood sugar check tool is to control your blood sugar levels. Things you need to know to determine the normal range of blood sugar levels are:
– Before eating your glucose level should be 80-120.
– Two hours after eating your glucose level should be less than 170.
– Before you sleep glucose levels ideally 100-140.
– When fasting your glucose levels should be 70-100.
2. Regular exercise
Regular exercise can help to lower blood sugar.
3. Reduce sugar consumption
Reducing sugar consumption is one of the things that are vital for those of you who suffer from blood sugar disease. For those of you who suffer from blood sugar is recommended to consume low-calorie sugar and not like sugar in general.
4. Eat a little but often
Not only pregnant women who experience nausea vomiting but blood sugar sufferers are also recommended to eat a little but often. And more attention to diet, try to eat every 4 hours.
5. High protein diet
A high-protein diet can also help to lower blood sugar levels in the body.

Some causes of blood sugar rise you should know that:

Dietary habit

Diet also affects the increase in blood sugar. Excessive consumption of food if not balanced with the secretion of insulin with sufficient amounts will result in blood sugar disease. Causes of blood sugar disease caused by diet that is:

– Likes snacking

– Excess sweet tea

– Excess soft drinks


Obesity or fattiness can also be the salh of one factor that causes blood sugar disease.

Genetic factors (heredity)

Blood sugar disease can be inherited by parents. A child can carry a blood sugar disease gene from her parents.

Chemicals or medicines

Chemicals or drugs can be one of the factors that cause blood sugar disease, because chemicals can damage pancreatic cells that can cause inflammation of the pancreas.

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