Fundamentals of Building a Wooden Doll House


Dolls come in different sizes and styles today, some are purchased to add to their collection but are mostly bought for little girls to play. Dolls are more than just toys in the past, they are even considered to be great works of art. The wooden dollhouse is a great item where you can harvest your juices and creative imagination. While you may be tempted to simply buy a dollhouse from a shop, nothing beats the satisfaction of building your own home.

Building your own dollhouse may be more effort and time than just buying it, but it’s always fun to build and beautify yourself as it once was. It may seem complicated, but once you get the basics of building a dollhouse, it will be easier for you. There are 3 basic considerations that go into making wooden harga blockboard doll houses.

The first consideration is the size of the dollhouse. The dollhouse standard ratio is 1:12, meaning the size is usually twelve times smaller than the real-life structure. Another reason why this is a dollhouse of common size because it is also an ideal size for small children to play, because Barbie dolls can also be accommodated with this size. But if you feel this is too big for you, you can still choose to build a smaller scale; It all depends on your choice.

Of course when building a wooden dollhouse, the type of wood to be used is also an important consideration. Wooden doll houses are usually built using one of two main types of wood: plywood and MDF. Again, you do not have to limit yourself to this type of wood; Both types of wood is only commonly used. MDF is compressed wood made from sawdust and glue. This is a popular choice among dollhouse builders because apart from the fact that the price is affordable, they are also very durable. It is also quite easy to cut to small size and smooth surface facilitates anchor paint. Another great thing about MDF is that it’s not fragmented, making it safer for kids to play.

Plywood on the other hand is slightly thinner than MDF. It is also less durable than MDF. Unlike MDF, plywood has a rough surface that makes painting quite challenging. Plywood is a popular choice among those who build luxury dollhouses. This is because they are perfect for home trimming as well as other small elements. Also, lightweight plywood makes them easier to work with and makes your dollhouse easier to transfer from one place to another.

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