Happy Holidays

This is the best time of the year, is not it? Decorations wherever you look, holiday music in every station, advertisements in television commercials, crowded shops. Buying gifts for our loved ones, like, should, wish we did not have to.

Planning our special days, maybe we visit family; Perhaps the family visited us, invited friends, invited. Baking, candy, bread, biscuits, pies, say yes to the goddess cake and pamper. Oh, vacation, this is the best time of the year.

Well it should be, is not it? Then why do I feel so stressed out? I must be happy. I should be excited, like when I was little. I remember really, very happy, probably the happiest feeling ever. Where it goes? What happened?

Life is happening. We grow older. We are responsible for others. All the usual things done for us, now we have to do it for others. There are so many people we have to bear, and we get very tired karimunjawa tour semarang and exhausted trying to make sure everyone is happy. The list of things we have to do is unlimited. We can not finish everything on the list. There’s still so-and-so I have to buy a gift for, and if I do not take out the card today I’ll skip the holiday. Oh, look who just sent us a gift? I have to add it to the list.

When this will come to an end? I feel very stressed and depleted. Oh, everyone is coming tomorrow. I have to spend today cooking and cleaning, and why can not I help anyone? I am very tired. I feel very alone, and I feel sad. Yes, that’s what I feel, sad.

Does this sound familiar? If you are not alone. Say hello to your neighbor. Nod your head to fellow buyers, high toddlers to your friends. We all feel this. No matter what holiday you are celebrating I call it a holiday madness, feeling stressed, anxious and just creeping.

So now we know we are not alone. Is there a cure? Is there anything we can do? As a Connected Marriage and Family Therapist, I’m sure the answer is YES!

So let’s start now by slowing down. Currently as you read this, I want you to take a deep breath and SLOW DOWN! And now I want you to read the following few paragraphs very carefully.

YOU ARE IMPORTANT. WITHOUT YOU OTHERS WILL NOT EXPERIENCE HOLIDAY HOLIDAYS. You are the one who gives many people. Take this time to acknowledge yourself for the good you do for others. Do not rush to the next line. Stay here and let the appreciation of all your efforts sink. You are special. You care about others. You can express it with various deeds. This is not a small thing

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