Maria Grazia Chiuri by Dior. According to Reuters

Maria Grazia Chiuri by Dior. According to Reuters

According to a source reported by the Reuters press, Maria Grazia Chiuri will be the new creative director at Dior. The announcement should be given after the parade Dior Couture of July 4th. Chiuri would leave Valentino, where he is creative director teamed with Piepaolo Piccioli.

This gives rise to the coats that resemble the coat of the Orient Express controllers, the jackets of hussars that develop in dressing gowns Turandot, sandals from Calaf and by the European Courts shoes of the Ancien Regime, bathrobes as Butterfly, the romper suits printed children, clothes printed with tapestries in toile de juy, the embroidered suede coats those admirals, the duster coats that look like the gowns of Indian men in Madras, military epaulettes of beads and ribbons diamond of ambassadors.

I scraped together the strange symbols, cosmetics that do not communicate well with each other. They are men who seem past samurais results for the West, others who seem retired admirals, a kind of Madame Butterfly, the rising sea monsters do not know, the palette of bright colors, like a formal look by chance. The only images I had in my head when I thought of traveling by sea, were British travelers who have overwhelmed the country nobility, says Michele.

In the path (also a trip) that Michael is doing with Gucci, this collection is returning home that allows him to find out how much his work on contemporary builds a narrative of today designed with the lens of his own imagination . The success of this phase of Gucci, which is the same that led to the birth of its recent history in fashion, at the end of the nineties of the last century, with the arrival of Tom Ford (in fact in the Gucci museum in Florence has been given a room) is to Michele as contemporary fashion is in search of a language can describe the needs and urgencies of today.

Gucci by Michele has found the vocabulary from which to extract the words to compose their own original ideas thanks to the freedom with which to look for and prominence references. If this approach were to be adopted by politicians and the politicians who govern the fate of the world, far more onerous than those of fashion, we’d all be a lot better. For now, we can say we are lucky to witness a period of renewal that the fashion in Gucci and Alexander Michael one of the protagonists.

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