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The wood panel had a screaming way, in 1970 as you entered the house. While many homes may still have user panels, wrap it up and give a fresh impression easily and can be reached on a limited budget, If the entire room or wall is covered in panels, it can feel a bit more. But taking the time to paint, refinish or replace is an easy update that can make your home more attractive.

The wood panel has a way of making the room look darker and gives the impression of a smaller room than it really is. In the right room like a lake or mountain cabin, wood paneling can create an atmosphere and provide a comfortable harga mdf atmosphere. But in another house, it could have appeared on a date. Let’s explore some more simple ways to update paneled rooms.

Solid Wood vs. Plywood Paneling

Solid wood and plywood are two main types of wood panels. Whatever type you have will dictate how to update it because painting solid wood differs from painting plywood. Solid wood panels will not let you fill the curve because it will eventually fall out or crack (this wood expands and shrinks with weather conditions). The plywood panel offers several options for updating.

Tips for Updating Wood Panels:

Tip 1:

Paint panel. The paint job will require sanding, painting and painting that will dramatically change the look of space. The groove panel can be easily covered with a wood putty or caulking to create a smooth surface. But, just painting the panel dramatically can give the room a different look. Any online search for ‘updating wood panels’ will return some results with various tips on panel surface preparation. Some will suggest for a bit of surface sand while another suggestion is to utilize chemical de-glosser. By doing one of these methods, a rough surface will allow a better paint surface to adhere.

Tip 2:

Rotate. By simply turning a 90 degree wood panel on a horizontal, it can dramatically transform space into a modern design.

Tip 3:

Empty panel. If the panel is solid wood, then it offers the potential for sand, stains and varnish. If the panel is laminated, it offers an option to refine it. However, the stain may not be applied evenly. If you are unsure of such a panel display after it is repaired, simply locate the corner or place hidden by the furniture will allow a good place to test if the present technique will work.

Tip 4:

Dress up panel. Simply adding trim details can add new elements to each wood panel. Decorative printing can be used to create a frame, used as a base board or as a crown mold around the ceiling. Other homeowners have dressed panels with wallpaper.

Tip 5:

Remove the panel completely. If updating the panel is not an option, then completely removing the panel can change most of the space for the better. Paneling can be difficult to remove when glued to the surface of the wall. Drywall combined compounds can help restore existing walls or install new drywall directly above the panel while leaving the panel intact.

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