Pensions Gold 540 Silver 7,500. Taxing 130 Thousand To 5 Thousand Gross

Pensions Gold 540 Silver 7,500. Taxing 130 Thousand To 5 Thousand Gross

The idea to dip into the so-called golden pensions, to make it less meager pension treatment lower, it is a kind of mantra that is evoked by many. The data disclosed yesterday by INPS, and reported by Sole24Ore today (August 28), reveal, however, that if you want to achieve the goal of redistributing the wealth of pensions, not only the pensions of gold have to dip into, but also to those silver, bronze and even iron.

Cheques over 20,000 Euros monthly, gross of course, are in fact just 540, less than 0.1% of the total. But also those between 10 and 15 thousand euro gross only 7,500. Too few because a withdrawal of these may have a concrete in economic as well as symbolic. It should instead go down, and many more, to reach substantial numbers At least up to the pensions from 5000 EUR gross, which translated mean 3,000-odd euro net per month. An audience, that of those who perceive checks from 5000 Euros up, which has about 130,000 pensioners. But these checks and define these amounts of gold, is objectively unreal.

According to data supplied by INPS, referring to 2012, the pension paid in Italy are about 16 million and a half, for a total cost of over 270 billion Euros per year tax consultant tangerang. The lion’s share in terms of number of checks and the cost to the state coffers, is represented by the lowest pensions, those which, net of the thirteenth, traveling under 1,500 euro gross per month. Holders of such a treatment are over 11 million pensioners. And these are the ones who, in a perspective of redistribution of wealth, should see their incomes retouched upwards. If you then add to these pensioners who receive checks of up to 2,500 euro gross, the total comes to 15 million treatments.

It is not a given resounding nor shocking that the lion’s share do the lowest pensions, it would be unusual if anything the opposite. But with the numbers provided by INPS it is clear that if the logic of redistribution is to be applied, little or nothing matter pensions defined gold. Put his hand to them, tax them and find a way to tax them without incurring nell’incostituzionalit√†, would prove in fact window dressing rather than substance. But let’s see, a little ‘more in detail, as are distributed Italian pensions.

The super rich, those who check for over 24,000 Euros are 291, the 0.0018%. Just 50, the 0.0003%, pensioners receiving more than 23,000 as 50 are those over 22 thousand. 149 Ben those who checks over 20 thousand euro monthly. Just over 1000 retirees that they collect checks from 15 to 20 thousand euro, and just under 7 000 500 and those traveling between 10 and 15 thousand. Over 10,000 Euros monthly therefore, less than 9,000 retirees compared to over 16 million with a total cost to the state, which is around half billion euro. Below share 10,000 euro, more than 16 million pensions for the remaining 269 billion of spesa.Si widens, of course, the audience of between 5 and 10 thousand euro monthly. This band, which cost around 15 billion euro, just under 170,000 people.

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