Publishing Sets The Proposal From The Fiege To Tax The Web

Publishing Sets The Proposal From The Fiege To Tax The Web

Blurs the idea of ??taxing access to the Web. Both the Secretary to the Prime Minister, Paolo Bonaiuti that the head of the Democratic Party Communications, Paolo Gentiloni, slam proposal made yesterday by the President of the Fiege, Carlo Melancholy of taxing surfers to give publishing funds.

Is not it time to tax but an incentive – said Bonaiuti speaking at the conference sponsored by the Federation of Independent Publishers – We must make way for the new saving what to remember to save the old but not with a rain funding system.

To oppose the proposal of Melancholy are-operators of the sector and consumers, but the revolt mounts especially on the net On blogs and social networks the password is the same to oppose, and even boycott, any heavy tax on the free movement on the web. The first comments poured in immediately after the words of the president of the Federation of Newspaper Editors.

On Twitter are hundreds interventions for no. They accuse the newspapers to take already millions of euro with public subsidies, and asks us why we should keep the newspapers that are lobbying organs or party. On the most popular blogs are also more ironic positions. There are those who invites us to get a hand on your heart and to offer a coffee to every publisher who you meet on the street, at least once a month, and those who propose a tax also for TV manufacturers in black and white audio cassettes, literally demolished by technological progress.

For Friday’s protest ‘Fiom also announced that will guarantee’ a security service There will be it ‘it faces covered’ helmets, assures Landini.

The choice to ban the march throughout the capital and ‘also addressed by Labour Minister Maurizio Sacconi, for which Rome and’ was ‘a city’ heavily wounded. He is entitled to a period of truce.  Alemanno also said he would not discuss the choices of the police headquarters, recalling that the community ‘Catholic and Jewish spontaneously chose to withdraw the application for their processions. Alemanno then wanted to emphasize that Roma Capitale is on hand to help in any way this event.

The sit-in Friday ‘next participate however also some’ Outraged ‘who marched last Saturday, as students. To the knowledge of the network movement, the decision to prevent the workers of the Fiom to make a procession and ‘ unworthy. Students have announced the membership of the mobilization in an open letter to the metal workers. Your struggles are our own – the letter reads – ’cause, as students, future workers, we can not accept to come to you tax working conditions without dignity’ exploitative.

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