Strategies Overcoming Holiday Blues

The first part of this series is indeed four parts. And it’s all about how to handle the blues during the holidays and we’ll also give you holiday blues definitions and what kind of coping strategies for the emotional aspects of your life. The second part, provides a lot of coping strategies in social areas and even families in your life. The third part of this is to provide a great strategy in handling your physical and financial stress. This fourth section will indeed review the definition of holiday blues and compare with depression. The series is closed with the option to get help.

What is a holiday blues?

Blues holidays are feeling disappointed, sad, depressed and burdened with a holiday experience. This feeling is triggered at this time of year when the yearning for loved ones increases, while longing for the way things are used to increase, when unrealistic expectations take over, when the isolation of family and friends seems like a good coping strategy, and when pressure to feel Happy to be too much.

How can I help someone with a holiday blues?

At least, you can start asking them to do things for you. Whether it’s shopping, cooking, running many tasks, sweeping leaves, dinner with your family. Actually it will not be a meaningful problem especially when you can do activities or even a variety of strange events. This is usually done to keep people engaged, and feel needed and appreciated. The goal is to prevent isolation.

Help them prepare for vacation events wisata karimunjawa / activities. Shop, cook, run errands, sweep leaves, everything is easier and better when done with friends. Your help can help ease feelings of burden, and loneliness.

Listen. Sometimes you may feel greatly relieved because it is very sad especially when there are many people who start to care and even listen and then validate the feelings of many speakers. There are several opportunities for you, especially when it will release yourself from various things that are priceless. Remember, too, that listening means you will be with the person who is talking. Listening does not think about how you will respond. Listening does not think about how you will “fix it” for others.

Share your story / feelings. Empathy goes a long way to helping a person feel validated and supported. Sharing the holiday blues story and how you coped might encourage someone to break away and feel secure doing so. Sharing your holiday cheerleaders may give someone hope that they may also have similar experiences.

Also share this coping strategy with others. And there is nothing wrong if you currently provide a copy of this four-part series to others. And do not hesitate to add this coping strategy in a unique way in which you’ve overcome the holiday blues.

Is it more than a holiday blues?

How can I tell if what I experience more than a holiday blues? Blues holidays can be predictable because someone knows that they usually feel down during the holiday season. Sadness, loneliness and other negative feelings subside as the holiday season passes. Depression on the other hand is persistent, meaning the negative symptoms do not go away as the holiday season passes but survives well above. For others, the symptoms may appear suddenly, but in fact the symptoms get deeper and deeper. Feelings of sadness, loss of interest, lack of energy, and others are not typical of the person who experienced it. Physical complaints such as pain, pain, stiffness, or pain can arise without any obvious physical cause. Suicidal thoughts or verbalizations may exist.

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