Tips for Making Kids Safe On Holidays

This article is about increasing the number of holiday homes that have not got proper security precautions as you take your family on vacation. This comes from extensive research that concludes 45% of parents feel the need to be more conscious of safety on vacation with children than at home.

The report was found in a survey by a mother who has a two-year-old boy who fell into an untreated pool during the holidays.

The survey also revealed that nearly a quarter of parents feel they have been on a family vacation karimunjawa travel where there is no basic safety equipment or features provided.

Parents surveyed in this survey were also asked to rank the safety features of the holiday as per interest. The pool is attached at the top of the list, followed by a covered playroom, stairs, lifeguards, electric plug socket covers and baby monitors.

However, from the holidays that parents do with small children, only 45.7% have an indoor pool, 28.7% have stairs and only 16.1% have electric plug sockets.

This is a fact, most vacation properties are not designed with children’s thinking. Parents try hard to make proof of their children at home but the same precautions are usually not done on holidays.

This makes it very difficult for parents who usually desperately need a real break to really relax. So, we examine ten lists of things to do with children to prove your holiday.


1. If the pool is not closed, ask for a room that does not open directly onto it.

2. Ask if you can rent stairgates or playpen.

3. Bring your own baby monitor and be sure to get an international travel adapter.

4. Take masking tape to attach the unused electrical plug sockets.

5. Make sure your kids wear floaters all the time in the pool area.

6. Take the first aid kit with you.

7. Choosing parenting instead of baby listening service.

8. Close the curtains or curtains on the patio doors to stop the children from accidentally running into them.

9. If you have children under two tie purchase bonds to stop them open the kitchen door.

10. Finally, take plenty of sunscreen, although in cold weather sunlight can burn exposed skin.

In short, make sure you have a checklist of things that need to be skipped before you pack your suitcase, or feel free to print from the list above.

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